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Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Breath new life into your driveway!!! Is the front of your property looking old, tired and in need of a facelift?

You probably have, at one point paid a huge amount of money to make your driveway look fresh and new, so why doesn’t it now look exactly as it did before? Tarmac, Block paving and imprinted Concrete all need maintaining and we are the company to do just that.

Tarmac can lose its black appearance and start to break up and crack, these areas can be maintained and treated like any other flat surface.

Block paving tends to attract moss and weeds. The sand in the joints can eventually migrate and, over a period of time, can lead to sinking and permanent damage of your installation.

Pattern imprinted concrete attracts dirt and grime, which in time can severely damage the colour and look of its original appearance.

Crystal Clear offers a full refurbishment service for Tarmac, Pattern Imprinted Concrete and Block Paving Installations.

These three types of surfaces can be cleaned, treated and restored using flat surface water pressure and various specialist chemicals to suit each style.

If you do not want your Hard Surfaces treated, we do offer the ' Clean Only' service which will immediately make an impact on your area

It is a great deal of money to replace these surfaces, so when your driveway is looking old and stained call Crystal Clear for that specialist clean.

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